We are a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic storage tanks

Over 50 Years of Experience and Know-How

Our storage tanks are manufactured according to the German DIBt Construction Certification as well as according to the specification of the German Water Conservation Act (link media list). On request we also manufacture our tanks according to the European standard EN 12 573. The storage tanks are offered as double-walled tanks or flat-bottom tanks with containment (Equipment double-walled tanks / storage tanks with containment).

Furthermore, formoplast produces working tanks such as agitation tanks and conical tanks made of PE-HD or PP. All tanks are manufactured to your individual specifications. Our plastic tanks are used in many different branches of industry, including dairies, the foodstuffs industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

The tanks are suitable for HBV systems (for manufacturing, treatment and use) as well as LAU systems (for storage, filling and handling). For winter services or industry we offer brine plants for the production, storage and filling of brine or 20-23% NaCl solution.

Our services include the planning, design and manufacture of storage tanks

We are an approved specialist company for the installation, erection and repararation of plants for the storage, filling and handling of water-polluting substances. All plastic tanks are developed and manufactured in Germany. In comparison with panelled tanks, our winding technology offers the advantage of a stress-free cylinder manufacture for the optimum storage of your chemicals. All plastic tanks in our product range are manufactured with the greatest of care, are durable and comply with all relevant legal regulations.

Thanks to our many years of experience we can offer you optimum advice for the planning and implementation of your plants. We will be glad to inform you about our range of services and furnish you with a quotation for storage tanks and other products for your application needs.

PE-HD Flat-Bottom Tanks and Containment Shells with DIBt Construction Certification


PE-HD Double-Wall Tanks with Vacuum Safety Monitoring (VSM) and DIBt Construction Certification


PE-HD / PP conical tanks and agitation tanks


PE-HD large-scale tanks – over 50,000 litres


PE-HD Single-Wall and Double-Wall Underground Tanks


Plants for the production and storage of brine


Installation and commissioning of chemical tanks


Certified by KIWA as a specialist company in
compliance with the German Water Conservation Act

You can expect top quality from formoplast, because the KIWA constantly checks our production. Every single chemical tank passes through strict a quality assurance process before leaving the factory.

Our Construction Certifications for the production of storage tanks

Germany - DIBt Construction Certification

Flat-Bottom Tanks with Containment
Approval Z-40.21-121

Double-Wall Tanks
Approval Z-40.21-169

Switzerland - SVTI Construction Certification

Double Wall Tanks 
Approval KVU-Number 116.016.15

The Netherlands - KIWA Construction Certification

Double Wall Tanks
Flat-Bottom Tanks with Containment


More than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic tanks

With formoplast you benefit from more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the processing of plastics. We can provide everything you need for optimum tank systems including design, fabrication, start-up and even maintenance

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