Double-Wall Tank with Vacuum Safety Monitoring (VSM)

Double-wall tanks made of PE-HD with wound cylinder jacket (wound pipe), vacuum leakage monitor and building authority approval Z-40.21-169. All double-wall tanks are planned, manufactured and equipped according to your individual specifications (Equipment – double-wall tank).

Double Wall Spiral-Wound HDPE Tanks with Vacuum Safety Monitoring and German DIBt Construction Certification Z-40.21-169

formoplast double-wall HDPE tanks are the safe and environment-friendly solution for storage of hazardous substances (List of media). Their double-wall design with integrated VSM leak monitoring eliminates the need for secondary containment systems.

The annular void space between the walls is constantly monitored by a certified leak detection device. The pressure in the void space is maintained within narrow limits by a vacuum pump. An increase in pressure above the upper limit is an indication of a leak which immediately triggers a visual and acoustic alarm. The acoustic alarm can be turned off only by resetting a sealed switch. The flashing light alarm stays on until the damage has been located.

Our flat-bottom tanks are available with optional walk-on working platforms and cage ladders for easy access and inspection. formoplast tanks can be supplied with electric-jacket heaters or over-the-side immersion heaters for controlled-temperature storage and/or energy-saving Polyurethan foam insulation.

Additional equipment for double-wall tanks with vacuum monitoring

Projects – double-wall tanks with VSM (vacuum safety monitoring)

2 Double-wall tanks for a tank farm

Diameter: 3,400 mm
Height: 3,325 mm
Volume: 25 m3
Medium: foaming agent

Double-walled tank
for the storage of hydrochloric acid

Diameter: 2,800 mm
Height: 2,910 mm
Volume: 15 m3
Medium: HCl 31%

Double-wall tank
with GRP ladder and railing

Diameter: 3,400 mm
Height: 4,400 mm
Volume: 25 m3
Medium: CaCl2

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The thermoplastic tank with greater safety

Our chemical tanks fulfil all legal requirements:

- approved under building laws
- approved under trade laws
- approved under water conservation laws
- acceptance classifications
- quality monitored KIWA

formoplast tanks made of PE-HD are checked by the Institute for Building and Civil Engineering Technology in Berlin.
Approval Z-40.21-169

formoplast is a specialist company approved in accordance with the German Water Conservation Act for the manufacture, installation, erection and repair of plants for the storage, filling and handling of water-polluting substances.

Highly safe storage of acids and alkalis through PE-HD technology

- Trouble-free storage, for example of 98% sulphuric acid (H2SO4), nitric acid (HNO3), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), acetic acid (CH3COOH), hydrochloric acid (HCl) and other aggressive acids.

- Trouble-free storage of caustic soda, caustic potash and other Alkalis.

Technical data:

The table shows the standard programme for upright double-walled tanks.

Tanks up to 50,000 l in volume
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Large-scale tanks over 50,000 l in volume
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Flyer double-wall tanks:

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