formoplast has been manufacturing tanks for the storage of water pollutants for over 50 years

History of our company


Founding of the company, Sebastian Keller successor in Nordholz (Bavaria) of Dr. Hans Keller. This company evolves from the company of his father, Sebastian Keller, who worked as a self-employed blacksmith. The company's business is the production of steel parts.


Construction of the first liquid manure tank made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).


Founding of "formoplast-chemie Dr. Hans Keller GmbH" in Nordholz. Production of storage tanks made of glass fibre reinforced plastic.


Company obtains the first approval in Germany from the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) for a storage tank made of GRP/PVC.
After completing his degree in plastics technology at the Technical University of Rosenheim, Klaus-Ingo Keller, son of the company's founder, joins his parents' company as technical manager.


Together with his wife Christina, Klaus-Ingo Keller founds his own company, formoplast Kunststofftechnik GmbH. Start of production of storage tanks made of polyethylene (PE-HD) and polypropylene (PP). The engineer is able here to incorporate the valuable experience that he gained during his time as technical manager in his parents' company.


formoplast Kunststofftechnik is certified by the TÜV Bavaria as a specialist company according to § 19 I WHG (German Water Conservation Act).
The German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) issues the general building authority approval for storage tanks made of PE-HD.


Development and introduction of a machine for the manufacture of tank cylinder jackets using a winding process.


Company obtains the first approval in Germany from the DIBt for a double-walled tank made of PE-HD with vacuum safety control (VSC).


Relocation to the new and larger company building in Dornstadt near Ulm.


40 years of formoplast - and thus 40 years of experience in the construction of plastic tanks!


Tanks made of PE-HD and PP have been manufactured for 20 years.
formoplast invests in a fully automatic plastic tank welding plant. This guarantees a clean and even welding seam on both the inside and the outside of the tank.


50 Jahre formoplastAlexandra Keller is now the third generation to join the family company. After graduating as a Bachelor of Engineering, she gained three years of experience at a well-known German car manufacturer before switching to formoplast.

50 years of formoplast - 50 years of experience and expertise in the construction of plastic tanks!


In January 2015 a further daughter, Silke Keller, joins the company. She successfully graduated from the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg with a degree in Economics. Following that she passed the exams to become a tax advisor and worked for a large firm of tax consultants and accountants before switching to her parents' company.

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