Plants for the production and storage of brine

formoplast manufactures brine plants for the production and storage of 20-23% brine (NaCl, CaCl2, MgCl2) for use by winter services and in industry. The ready-to-use brine can be used both for FS30 and for FS100 vehicles. The brine production and storage tanks (link) can be manufactured in various dimensions in single-walled or doubled-walled versions

Production and storage in our formoSol compact plant

The brine is produced in our compact plant and can be stored in the double-walled part of the plant until filled into a tanker truck.

The plant has an integrated salt and water reservoir which is filled with a specified quantity of rock salt or table salt plus water for dissolving. The process of dissolving is started by a central controller and runs automatically after switching on the plant. The target concentration of the brine is continuously measured, monitored and if necessary adjusted. The spreader vehicle is filled via the integrated pump system.

Extension of the formoSol compact plant to form a large plant

For large companies or road maintenance depots we offer an extension to our formoSol compact plant for the production of ready-to-use brine (NaCl, CaCl2, MgCl2). The extension enables large quantities of brine to be stored as well as making automatic plant function possible.

Possible components of the large plant are a salt reservoir hopper, from which rock salt or table salt is fed into the brine maker, as well as automatic blow-down of the insoluble solids. In addition, to ensure the secure and continuous operation of your company, large quantities of brine can be temporarily stored in our double-walled storage tanks until they are used. A separate pump system enables the fast and efficient filling of one or more spreader vehicles.

Schematic diagram of a brine maker
in the form of the formoSol compact plant

Schematic diagram of the control cabinet
for the formoSol brine maker

Schematic diagram of a large brine
making plant with tanker truck filling
and brine storage

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Flyer large plant
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Flyer brine maker as compact plant
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